2Forge ZF1 Flow-Forged Wheel

By 2Forge

Rugged and Robust

With a flow-forged design to give both good strength and durability, the 2Forge ZF1 is yet another choice to the ever-growing range of popular 2Forge wheels.

Aimed towards drivers who enjoy both track and fast-road driving, thanks to their lightweight and strong flow-forged construction.

A multi-spoke design, that's available in a range of colours, sizes and fitments, you can be sure to find the perfect ZF1 for your vehicle. 

Sizes and Colours

Diameter 15 - 19"
Width 6 - 12"
PCD 3 - 5 Stud Pattern
Colour Gloss Black, Matt Black, Gunmetal, Silver, White 

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Photo of 2Forge ZF1 Flow Forged Wheel in all colours

What Are 'Flow-Forged' Wheels?

Also known as 'flow-forming', 'rotary forging', 'spung forging' or 'hybrid forging', flow-forging is a hybrid manufacturing process used to create the 2Forge ZF1 Flow-Forged Wheels.

The first phase begins with a low pressure casting to construct the wheel face and the first stage of the barrel, casting is how the majority of manufacturers make their wheels in their entirety, however with flow-forging, casting is only performed on the wheel face with a shortened and thickened barrel to prepare for the next additional stage.

We now begin with the forged element, which involves spinning the wheel via rotary machine, with the assistance of heat and pressure to press the thickened barrel in to it's finished size and shape to give the barrel good strength, yet remain lightweight.

diagram of the flow-forging process

Flow-Forged wheels fall right in to a nice gap between regular cast and fully-forged wheels. Giving a final product thats of much better strength and quality than regular cast wheels, without the heavy outlay of fully-forged wheels.