Dixcel RE Type FRONT

Dixcel RE Type FRONT

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The DIXCEL RE brake pads are for ultra high performance use on track. The brake pads were developed to offer consistent brake feel even in extreme conditions. DIXCEL R series brake pads are the choice for people who want to go faster.

  • Consistent operating friction level regardless of condition; high-temperature, high-powered, heavy weight and heavy load driving.
  • Braking power which is directly proportional to brake pedal pressure
  • Extremely superior brake control with high initial bite
  • Continuously consistent rigid brake pedal feel after repeated laps around the circuit
  • Perfect for use with slick race tyres , competition-use tyres and high performance radial tyres


  • Friction 0,40-0,45μ
  • Initial bite (µ) - 0.51
  • Effective temperature range – 200-900°C