Dixcel Specom Beta REAR Brake Pads

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By Dixcel

Please note: Where possible we always aim to keep stock, in the event we do not have stock it usually takes 7-14 working days to receive them from Dixcel, Japan.

Dixcel Specom Beta compound is developed for Endurance Racing, superior pad life and brake stability even after extended use.

  • Based on the Dixcel special compound series that is used in Japanese endurance races.
  • Long pad life which helps the brakes be competitive in endurance races.
  • Stable braking power and feel even after long extended usage, which helps consistent lap times.
  • Very stable brake friction level which makes it easy for the driver to control the brake power.
  • Much more friendly on the discs than other competitor endurance pads


  • Initial bite (µ) - 0.48
  • Average µ - 0.40-0.43

For users requiring great controllability. Flat friction level enables great controllability throughout the braking application. Most stable performance under continuous severe conditions (continuous change of speed/temperature).