Endless ME22 FRONT Brake Pads (BMW M2, M3, M4, M135i, M235i, M140i, M240i)

£255.00 £265.00

ME22 is a further development of the popular Endless ME20 compound. ME22 has better cooling properties then ME20 and can in some cases lower the overall disc temperatures compared to ME20. ME22 has the same basic properties as ME20 and is suitable on both race cars and street/trackday cars.

ME22 has little bit lower friction level than ME20. And including much graphite for rubricating. So the friction is so stable and not shows high build up tendency in the braking.


  • Friction: 0,33-0,38μ
  • Heat levels: 150-800°C

(Fits the following models:)

F87 M2
F80 M3
F82 M4


*Please note, we aim to always hold stock of Endless brake pads, however if ever they are not in stock we usually expect a 6 week lead time.