Eventuri Carbon Charge Pipe Kit for BMW F80 M3, F82/ F83 M4, F87 M2 Competition


Designed and engineered by induction specialists Eventuri, The Eventuri Carbon Charge Pipe Kit is an upgrade for BMW's with the S55 Engine; this includes the F80 M3, F82/ F83 M4 and F87 M2 Competition.

Perfect for drivers who wish to improve air charge flow, strength and engine bay aesthetics on their vehicle.

More about Eventuri's story

Photo of Charge Pipes

No Room For Compromise

Special care and attention was taken by Eventuri during the research and development phases of the Charge Pipe Kit, where they set out and reached their three main goals - Fitment, Flow Quality and Strength. 


Many aftermarket charge pipes often follow a theme of poor fitment due to being a bent metal assembly - potentially leading to clearance issues with the engine cover. 

Thankfully, as the Eventuri Carbon Charge Pipe Kit uses carbon fibre for it's construction, this allows them to perfectly shape the charge pipes to provide a OE-like fit, with optimal flow.  

Photo of Charge Pipe Kit installed on vehicle

Flow Quality

By increasing the internal volume and ensuring smooth curves throughout, Eventuri have effectively allowed the turbochargers to operate much more efficiently and with less restriction.

Eventuri also opted for a CNC-machined flange to allow a consistent diameter and avoid the risk of turbulence. 

Photo of CNC-machined flanges


It's becoming all too common to see a charge pipe failure when tuning for higher levels of boost on the S55 engine - something Eventuri were keen to resolve.

Constructing with 2mm thick, cross-hatched carbon fibre, The Eventuri Charge Pipe Kit increases the strength and reliability of the charge pipes immensely.

Taking things a step further, CNC-machined steel ring inserts are also supplied in the kit to maintain shape under high clamping force. 

Photo of CNC-machined flanges

In The Box

  • 2x High Temperature Carbon Charge Pipes
  • 2x CNC Machined Turbo Flanges
  • Silicone Couplers (with oil resistant lining)
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hose Clamps