Eventuri Carbon Fibre Intake System for BMW M3 E90, E92, E93


More Power, More Performance

Designed and engineered by induction specialists Eventuri, The Eventuri Carbon Fibre Intake System for the BMW M3 E90, E92, E93 is an upgrade from point of airflow entry to the OE plenum.

Perfect for drivers who wish to substantially improve performance, sound and engine bay aesthetics.

More about Eventuri's story

Photo of Gloss Carbon Fibre Intake tube and air filter installed on vehicle

Substantial Power Gains

Building upon what is already a reputable intake system from the factory, Eventuri identified and improved a number of restrictions during their in-depth research and development programme. By reprofiling the intake tube but still maintaining the OE airbox, Eventuri has enhanced the V8 engine's breathing efficiency, leading to increased power.

Photo of Gloss Carbon Fibre Intake Tube installed on vehicle

Additionally, they identified another restriction in the air feed system. To address this, Eventuri designed a scoop that increases airflow through the airbox to give a better flow path, which in turn yields a real punch in performance.

Photo of Gloss Carbon Fibre inlet Scoop installed on vehicle

Let's Talk Numbers

Field Tested Improvement
Power (dyno) 8-10bhp / 10-12 ft-lb
Power (road dyno, insoric) 16bhp / 14Nm
IAT Ambient Temp -3 Celcius (4.5C)
V-Box Acceleration (100-200kph) -0.3 Seconds

Quality Construction

Featuring a naturally heat-resistant carbon fibre weave, in either a high-quality gloss or matte finish, it doesn't only look great, you can really see the calibre and craftsmanship in it's construction.

Gloss finish shown below.

Close up Photo of Gloss Carbon Fibre weave

With a cotton-gauze filter face and a strong urethane outer frame for rigidity, even at high temperatures, the air filter is designed to last. Unlike many lesser foam-derived counterparts, which tend to disintegrate over time. Simply remove and clean as required.

Close up Photo of air filter

In The Box

  • Carbon Fibre Intake Tube
  • High Flow Urethane Cone Filter
  • Carbon Fibre inlet Scoop
  • CNC Machined breather adapter
  • Laser Cut Stainless Steel Debris Guard
  • Silicon Coupler and OEM specification clamps

Looking for a Complete Intake?

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to your induction, with the full complement of Eventuri Intake upgrades for the

BMW M3 E90, E92, E93

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Photo of BMW M3 with full Eventuri Intake options