Eventuri S55 Air Filters for BMW F80 M3, F82/ F83 M4, F87 M2 Competition


OEM+ Performance

Designed and engineered by induction specialists Eventuri, The Eventuri S55 Air Filters are a direct replacement/ upgrade for the OEM panel filters found on BMW's with the S55 Engine; this includes the F80 M3, F82/ F83 M4 and F87 M2 Competition.

Perfect for drivers who wish to improve performance but retain the original OEM air intake assembly on their vehicle.

More about Eventuri's story

close-up photo of eventuri logo on air filter

Increased Filtration Surface Area

Maximising the surface area for filtration and reducing turbulence, the Eventuri S55 Air Filters allow for more air to pass through, while effectively trapping any unwanted contaminants - crucial for higher levels in performance.

Genuine Power Gains

The combination of increased airflow and reduced turbulence translates into tangible improvements in engine power output. Users can expect to experience a noticeable boost in performance as a result of this upgrade.

Strong and Durable Construction

With a cotton-gauze filter face and a strong urethane outer frame to give an optimal seal, even at high temperatures, these air filters are designed to last. Unlike many lesser foam-derived counterparts, which tend to disintegrate over time. 

Simply remove and clean as required.

close-up photo of cotton gauze

Easy Installation

Installation takes only a matter of minutes, thanks to it's OEM-friendly design. 

In The Box

  • 2x S55 Air Filter (vehicle set)
photo of air filters in engine bay