Garmin Catalyst Driving Performance Optimiser/Lap Timer

By Garmin

Garmin Catalyst™ is an industry-first racing coach and driving performance optimiser that’s changing the world of motorsports.

It mounts in the cock pit to gather your performance data and provide real-time audible coaching. Immediate session analysis helps drivers of all levels achieve their full track driving potential. Ground-breaking True Track Positioning™ technology uses built-in acceleromoters,10Hz multi-GNSS positioning and image processing to automatically generate your car’s racing line on the track. Plus, our revolutionary True Optimal Lap™ technology shows your best achievable time, based on lines you actually drove and can repeat.

While on the track, hear real-time coaching cues through your headset or car stereo. After your session, use the 7” touchscreen display to review your performance data and see your major areas for improvement.


The included Remote Cam captures clear, crisp HD video, which can be played back on the device with time-synced overlays showing speed, lap data and more.

What’s my line? The True Track Positioning™ feature shows your racing line on the track.

Talk to me, coach. Get real-time audio cues from your headset2 or car stereo.

Lap times. Garmin Catalyst tracks and compares to show if you’re ahead or behind previous lap time.

True Optimal Lap™ technology factors all performance data to show your best drivable time.

Make headway. Immediate data and adaptive suggestions show key areas for improvement.

Review. After your session, instantly review your session stats on the 7-inch touchscreen. No computer needed.


This groundbreaking technology uses 10 Hz multi-GNSS positioning, image processing and built-in accelerometers to generate your racing line on the track.


On the track, Garmin Catalyst quickly becomes your real-time coach, giving audio cues via Bluetooth® technology from your headset or car stereo.


This revolutionary technology combines your best times for each track segment, to show your optimum drivable time based on lines you actually drove and can repeat.


Which line should you track when ripping around corners? See on the map how early or late apex decisions affect your overall speed through the course.


On the course, Garmin Catalyst keeps track of your best lap time, adaptive delta time, number of laps and total session time.


Secure Garmin Catalyst inside the cockpit using the included heavy-duty suction cup or the included screw down mount.

See how you did — and where you could do better. SEE AREAS OF GAIN

After your session, immediately review the performance data on your device to see where on the track your biggest areas for improvement are.


Garmin Catalyst crunches the numbers. So there’s no need to download data to your computer — and no cumbersome graphs with squiggly lines that leave you trying to analyse data for hours.


Easily compare performance data from your other sessions, and get immediate, adaptive suggestions to see areas where you can do better.


Garmin Catalyst comes preloaded with a track database featuring road courses from around the world. Garmin Catalyst allows users to easily add courses to the database as well.



Review in-depth performance data on your 7-inch Garmin Catalyst device, or access a summary of your data on your mobile device or computer using Garmin Connect™ app.

WARNING: This device is intended only for recreational use in a circuit environment. Never use this device on public roadways. Failure to follow this warning may result in an accident causing property damage, serious personal injury, or death. You are responsible for using this device in a safe and prudent manner.

Requires helmet or headset (sold separately) enabled with BLUETOOTH technology

Please note: Carbon fibre cars can block and absorb GPS signals. Interference from carbon fibre cars can affect the accuracy of the GPS antenna. The Garmin Catalyst should be mounted on the windshield or on the dash with a clear unobstructed view of the sky.