Motul Gear Competition SAE 75w140

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By Motul

Motul Gear competition is an SAE 75W140 gear oil suitable for use in manual synchro or non-synchro transmissions. It can also be used in transmissions with integrated limited slip differentials or any other hypoid limited slip differential.

  • Excellent lubrication reducing friction and wear
  • Outstanding oil film resistance at high temperatures. Ideal for competition use
  • Suitable for transmissions subjected to high shock loads such as race / rally cars
  • Includes friction modifiers to allow LSD's to operate correctly

Motul Gear competition is very fluid at low temperatures which allows for easier shifting from cold. It has anti corrosion and anti foaming properties and is compatible with all gearbox seals and yellow metals. It has 0% shear loss and an un-shearable oil film in extreme conditions. These properties make the Gear Competition oil ideal for use in high power applications in street or Motorsport use.

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