Nankang NS-2R Track/ Semi Slick Tyre

By Nankang

Proven through years of success in club motorsport across the UK and Europe, the Nankang NS-2R tyre is a highly recommended choice for competition use, track and/or fast-road driving.

Championship Tested

Used by renowned championships such as the BMW Compact Cup, MaX5 (now Mazda Motorsport Club UK), Civic Cup, M3 Cup, and various open tyre series, the NS-2R has cemented its reputation as a reliable performer.

Consistent Performance

While it may not be the fastest tyre on the grid, the NS-2R is renowned for its consistent performance, making it a true endurance option.

All-Weather Confidence

With excellent wet performance, the NS-2R ensures exceptional handling in both wet and dry conditions.

Regulatory Approval

The NS-2R is EU tyre labelled and has received MSA List 1B approval, affirming its high standards.

Optimal Settings

  • Camber: -1.0 to -3.0 degrees
  • HOT Pressure Settings:
    • <800kg: 23 - 27.5psi
    • 800-1000kg: 24 - 32psi
    • 1,000-1,400kg: 27.5 - 37psi
    • 1,400kg>: 34 - 42psi
  • COLD Pressure Settings:
    • Use above highest figures relevant to vehicle weight and work down after warm laps. For example if weight is 950kg, use 32psi/ 1250kg, use 37psi etc. 
  • ROAD Pressure Settings:
    • Use manufacturer guidelines.

Tip for installation - for optimal balance, align the yellow dot (the lightest part of the tyre) with the valve stem on both aluminium and steel wheels.