KMP BMW FXX Clubsport Nurburgring Steering Wheel


BMW F8X  – CLUBSPORT Nürburgring

In cooperation with well-known racing teams around the ring,  an ultimate setup for the Nürburgring (track) has been created.
This edition will give you the ultimate racing controls at your fingertips.

Benefits of the CLUBSPORT Nürburgring edition

– Take-over flashing with just one button press
– Turn and wiper control. When the wheel is extended (often with racing seats installed), it’s more difficult to reach the turn indicators and wipers. Now they are available on the steering wheel.
– Switching on/off DTC. The DTC button is often difficult to reach when you wear a helmet, gloves and HANS system.
– Code 60, use the Limit function of the car, and set the maximum speed automatically on 60 km/h by pressing just 1 button.
– Hazard lights, often difficult to reach in a track-prepped car. This function can also be used as a free to use button to control other devices such as radio communication or dash.

All functions seamlessly integrate in the cars communication without any error codes. You can still use the OEM buttons or stalks, and simultaneously the KMP racing wheel. Additional wiring is needed to take advantage of all the available functions.  All wiring, connectors and installation instructions will be supplied with the kit.
You can choose your wheel finish (suede, alcantara or leather). Custom details such as 12 ‘o clock marker and stitching color can be supplied on request (+€50).

Button configuration

Rotary switch 1: Volume+ / Volume – [Mute]


SW2: Horn

SW3: Wiper [Wash]

SW4: M1 [M2]

SW5: Turn R 3x [Turn R continuously]

SW6: Turn L 3x [Turn L continuously]

SW7: Flash 4x [High beam continuously]

SW8: Code 60 [Limiter off]

SW9: Cruise

SW10: Hazard lights*

Rotary switch 2: Speed+1/Speed-1 [+10]

Specific buttons are double programmed. Pressing for more than one second will activate the next function enclosed within [ ])
* Hazard light function can also be used as a free to use button. Often used to control radio communication, camera/dash control or drink system).

With our GEN3 platform we have created endless possibilities. Our PRO-Line will give you the opportunity to customize the CLUBSPORT model to your needs.


Specially developed push buttons with illumination and laser-etched symbols results in an elegant steering wheel with a motorsport feeling. The well-known high-tactile magnetic paddles are used on the CLUBSPORT line as well. To be cost-effective, we offer the kit without a quick release. Optional, a Crash-hub (TÜV regulations) or Quick Release with an integrated Deutsch Autosport connector can be used.

– Fixed layout
– Illuminated push buttons (dim on interior light)
– Laser-etched buttons as in OEM parts (no stickers)
– Option for crash-hub or Quick release with connector