KMP BMW E9X Racing Steering Wheel (Gen2)


Please note: The photos will change based on the options you select above, this allows you to see what your specified wheel looks like.

The new design KMP Drivetrain Racing wheel (GEN 2) is finally available for the BMW E9X! We took all the good things from our previous design and improved on it with our latest knowledge and experience. All electronics and cables are now removed from sight to give it a very clean look and feel. Everything is securely mounted in a billet aluminum case to ensure maximum protection and durability of all components. It is now also much easier to further personalize your racing wheel with our improved configurator. We offer the possibility to select various options such as wheel finish, button lay-outs and adapter models. Welcome to our new standard!

Our racing wheels are completely plug and play. You will not have any airbag error, or any other coding issues. The installation is very straight forward. Depending on the chosen setup, additional wiring and descriptions will be supplied as well.

Button layout
We have a 4, 6 and 10 button layout available. Per button count we have 2 layouts available. If you need any custom layout/button functions, please contact us. Custom layouts will have additional costs.

You can choose for a Suede, Alcantara or Leather finish. Most of our wheels are shipped with Suede finish (much grip, less dirt-sensitive as Alcantara). On request we can also supply custom stitching and 12 ‘o clock makers. This will increase lead time and add additional costs.

Adapter option
We have three different adapter options. We have an aluminium adapter, quick release and quick release with integrated connector. Most of our wheels are shipped with a quick release and curly cord.


This is the standard fixed 44mm spacer. This will be mounted between the steering wheel and the steering hub. The wiring will go through the spacer, so there are no visible cables. This option is often chosen because of regulations or to reduce costs.

Quick release

When the wheel is equipped with a quick release, a plate stays on the steering hub, but your wheel can be easily taken off. It is also equipped by a curly cable with the in-car electronics. This option is often chosen because of easy accessibility reasons. With the curly cable, the wheel can be detached but not taken out of the car completely.

Quick release with connector

The quick release with integrated connector is used without a curly cable. The connector can be connected to the electronics of the car. The connection is made inside the quick release/wheel hub.

*The curly cable turns with the wheel hub. It doesn’t get tangled around the wheel, and it doesn’t hit the indicators/wipers. 

Different models

If you are not sure which model will suit your needs, please contact us.

* These buttons need some small extra wiring done, which is described in the manual.

Free to use buttons (FTU)

A ‘free to use’ button can be used for anything you want. These buttons are switched to ground, and can be used with the supplied flying leads. The flying leads are connected into the back of the slip ring (dashboard side). Connect an external timer, flash light or anything you would like to control directly from your racing wheel. The wiring for each custom function needs to be done by the customer. The plug and play solution makes sure there are no ECU error messages and no airbag light will turn on after installation.


The function names will be laser engraved in the steering wheel. If the functions on the ‘Free to use’ switches are already known, please add this as a note to the order. If the function names are not supplied at order, there will not by any engraving at these switch positions. It is possible to laser engrave the wheel any time later at KMP (€45 per wheel).

Custom made layouts are possible on request as well.